Do you want to live a life where you wake up every day doing exactly what makes you feel alive. I bet the answer is definitively, HELL YES! My passions are ARCHITECTURE & TRAVEL. Whatever yours are, pursue them through the power of social media branding!!!

Say you love wine, and can talk about it for days on end, why not become the best wine expert the world over. How do you do that, research research research and become SOCIAL. Let your social media presence reflect the knowledge and love for whatever it is that keeps you up at night.  This strategy creates business equity, people who are interested in what you have to say, what you do and what your recommendations are, buy into you and this allows the opportunity to sell products and services based around your passion. 

This year I am taking my travel blog to new levels of success, I have done well in the past and the site sees around 20k visits each year from every continent accept Antarctica. However I have been preoccupied with my architectural studies and it has hindered my attention to the site. Now that I have graduated (December 2015), I am treating my blog like a business and my goal is to become the leading travel blogger (w/ a focus on architecture & hospitality) of the world. 

On January 4th I travel from the Bahamas to Istanbul, kicking off my two month euro-trip through Turkey, Spain, Morocco, France, and Italy. I will be posting a written blog post each Monday and a vlog each Friday. I cannot wait to share my experiences and hear from you about your own personal branding and business development through social media. 

 Author:Quinn Russell

Author:Quinn Russell

Hi I'm Quinn, creator of Traveller's Bazaar. I'm an architectural designer on a mission to inform, inspire and help travellers like you, plan the trip(s) of a lifetime. Thanks for visiting!