English novelist James Hilton wrote in 1933, 'Lost Horizon’ an adventure novel which told tales of an earthly paradise hidden from the world within the mountains of Tibet. This eden called Shangri-La was unaffected by the ravages of time, it was a place where humans and nature coexisted as one. Shangri-La would later become the inspiration and name of one of Asia's most Iconic hotel brands. I had the opportunity to review their spectacular inaugural property, it's located in Singapore and opened in 1971.

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore is set amidst 15 acres of lush greenery, it's a place like no other and is consistently voted as one of the best hotels in the world. The hotel offers three distinctive accommodation options, the Garden Wing, the Tower Wing, and the Valley Wing.

- The Garden Wing is an urban resort, featuring 158 spacious guestrooms and suites with interiors inspired by nature. Soothing sounds from the cascading waterfall, graceful koi swimming in the ponds and verdant surroundings with child-friendly amenities complete the resort experience.

- The Tower Wing is the hotels first phase and features contemporary styling. Entering in the wings vast lobby with impressive oval marble columns, a grand sweeping staircase and a floor-to-ceiling mural depicting the legendary mountains of author James Hilton's "Lost Horizon" sets the tone for a fantastic stay. 

The Valley Wing is the hotel's most exclusive option, and is the choice for heads of states, celebrities, captains of industries and discerning travelers alike. The Valley Wing epitomises the very best of luxury accommodation in Singapore. With 131 beautifully furnished guestrooms, including 26 suites, this elegant wing's exclusivity is experienced as soon as guests arrive at the private lobby.

I stayed within the Garden Wing and loved every moment, the landscaping was brilliantly executed. This is a modern day Hanging Gardens of Babylon; everywhere you look nature surrounds you. Catch my video review above to see why I am totally in love with the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore! 

 Author: Quinn Russell

Author: Quinn Russell

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